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Choosing your Pitch

At Budle Bay Campsite we try to make sure that everyone can find the right pitch for them, so we have a lot more variety of pitches and customisation of pitch options than most other sites.

We have 8 different size pitches. The table below lists the size and pitch restrictions for tents, caravans and motorhomes for each pitch size, plus awning size restrictions for motorhomes and caravans:

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It’s really important that you input the right measurements when making an online pitch booking, to make sure you can actually fit on the pitch you’re booking.

You can find the measurements for your tent, motorhome, caravan etc. by searching online for the make and model you own. Tent owners please remember to include guy ropes in your measurements. Caravan and motorhome owners please remember to include any awnings in your measurements (but note size restrictions in table above).

If you really can’t work out an accurate size after searching online, please overestimate your guess at the biggest size it could be to ensure you can definitely fit on the pitch. Pitches are designed to be big enough for your tent/motorhome/caravan/etc, car if included, awning if included, plus some breathing room. The diagrams below show how different accommodation are usually laid out on our pitches:

On large, xl and xxl pitches only, cars can also be parked in front of your tent or caravan like so:

Please note there is also a 4.5 tonne weight restriction on all vehicles, caravans and motorhomes.

Please make sure you have all the right measurements you need before making your booking. If you arrive on site with something that’s too big to fit on the pitch you’ve booked, it may put a premature end to your holiday. If there are bigger pitches available we will try our best to move you to one, for the fee to upgrade to that size pitch, but we are regularly fully booked on site, especially in the high season and on bank holidays, so if there are no available pitches or if your tent / motorhome / caravan is bigger than the largest size permitted on site (see the sizes for the XXL pitches in the table above) then we will be unable to place you anywhere on site and you will have to look elsewhere for accommodation. Please note in these instances we do not offer refunds.

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If you are booking as part of a group who is hoping to be pitched together, this map can help you see if your different pitch needs can accommodate being near each other. However, please note we cannot guarantee that we can place you on a specifically requested pitch. This map is for illustrative purposes only.