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Please also familiarise yourself with our general terms and conditions before booking your stay

  • We accept arrivals between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday to Thursday. On Friday we accept arrivals between 2pm and 8pm. If you think that you will arrive later please call us and we will do what we can to help. However, our priority must be ensuring the peace of other visitors to the site. In most cases, if you arrive after this time you will need to leave your car outside the front gate until it is opened in the morning.
  • Budle Bay charges an additional admin fee for customers arriving after our arrival hours listed above. Customers are required to inform Budle Bay Campsite in advance if they expect to be arriving outside of the above stated hours. The gate is locked at 11pm and any arrivals after this time will be unable to enter the site until the morning. Charges are as follows:
Up to 30 mins late£52 hours – 2h 30 mins late£25
30 – 60 mins late£102h 30 – 3 hours late£30
1 hour – 1h 30 mins late£153 hours – 3h 30 late£35
1h 30 – 2 hours late£203h 30 – 4 hours late£40 etc.
  • Checkout time is 10.30 am. If you wish to remain on site longer, you will be charged an extra fee and/or depending on how busy we are, be asked to de-pitch to our parking area. 
  • The inner gate is locked at 11.00pm and is reopened at 7:00 am. It will only be opened during these hours if an emergency occurs. There is a pedestrian entrance that is always open  and vehicles can be parked within the campsite (but outside of the locked gate) at all times. Motorhome owners need to be aware that they will not be able to drive to their pitch after the gate is locked at 11pm. Please note that if you need to leave the campsite before the gate is opened at 7.00am then you will need to leave your car on the grass outside of the gate the evening before departure.
  • The facility block is closed at 11.00 am each day for cleaning. It will be closed as long as it takes to clean (max 2 hours).
  • The tuck shop in the warden office is open during the summer season only.
  • The speed limit on site is 10 mph. Please be aware of children playing on site.
  • Per national guidelines, children under 6 are not allowed on the top bunks of any bunk bed on site.
  • Generators are not allowed on the site.
  • Budle Bay Campsite is situated on a flood plain. In event of flooding, you must follow all instructions from the wardens and other staff. This is for your own safety. In certain circumstances some areas of the site, by the river, will need to be closed for your safety or to allow the land to recover.
  • Our wardens reserve the right to refuse tents, caravans, motor homes and to ask guests to leave the site. There will be no refund offered if this becomes necessary.
  • Budle Bay Campsite operates a quiet policy between the hours of 10:30 pm (11pm on Friday and Saturday) and 7:30 am. Please do not disturb other campers during this time. Please note that we are a rural site and have no areas where campers can congregate late at night, such as a clubhouse. 
  • Outdoor music is not permitted on the site at any time. If you are playing music that can be heard beyond your pitch, or disturbs other guests, you will be required to turn it off.
  • If you are concerned by the activities of any other guest including excessive noise or their dogs being off their leads, please inform the wardens and we will investigate and take appropriate action. At night we have an intercom system at the office door which will wake the wardens who will then assist you.
  • Your guests are permitted on site at a charge of £10 per day for one car and up to two guests. Guests can come on site after 10.00 am but must leave by 10.00pm the same day.
  • Gazebos and Bell tents are not permitted on site under any circumstances. Any gazebos or bell tents erected during your stay will be instructed to take down. Should you refuse to take down your gazebo or bell tent, Budle Bay has the right to take down and confiscate the gazebo or bell tent for the duration of your stay. Budle Bay will not be liable for any loss or damage should they be required to do this.
  • Motorhomes, caravans, and any other vehicles must be under 4.5 tonnes. Anything over this weight will be refused entry.
  • Please be careful when walking alongside the river. Do not walk too close to the edge of the river as the banks can collapse without warning due to erosion. If you would like to walk in the river please use the sloped ground that leads to it, rather than the higher banks.
  • The play area is open from 9.00 am – 8.00 pm only.
  • Budle Bay Campsite does permit one 5 pole windbreak per unit which must be place within 1 metre of your unit. There is a small charge.
  • We do not allow fires of any kind, including fire pits and chimneys. Barbeques are permitted as long as they are raised off the ground.
  • Commercial vehicles are not permitted on site. If you have any doubt about whether your vehicle is permitted please call Reception 01668 214598
  • One car is included per booking (with the exception of bunkhouse and group bookings, upon arrangement). Extra cars will incur an additional daily charge.
  • The price advertised on the Budle Bay website is for two people only, except for walker / cyclist pitches where the price is for 1 person. Additional people on the pitch will incur a surcharge.
  • The price for a pitch includes either:
    • one tent and a car;
    • one tent, no car;
    • one caravan or trailer tent, one car, plus awning;
    • one motorhome or campervan, plus awning.
  • Base prices are without electricity. Electricity incurs an additional charge and should be added at the time of booking. 
  • Awning sizes are outlined on the website and booking portal and customers are required to adhere to these sizes or they will be asked to take down their awning. No awnings over 4m are permitted on site. Refusal to take down an awning when asked is grounds for ejection from site. No refund would be given in this instance. 
  • Upon making a booking, you guarantee that you are bringing only what you have booked, and that the measurements you have entered (in the case of booking a pitch) for your tent, caravan or motorhome, plus any awning, are accurate.  If they are found to be inaccurate upon arrival on site, meaning that your tent, caravan or motorhome plus any vehicle or awning does not fit on your booked pitch as per the judgment of Budle Bay staff, you will not be able to remain on that pitch. Budle Bay has the right to eject you from the site in this instance but will try to move to you an alternative pitch, subject to availability, for an additional fee. It is at the full discretion of Budle Bay to move you to an alternative pitch and this is not guaranteed. We do not offer refunds in this instance.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to book the correct pitch for their needs. Should you make an error, you should inform Budle Bay accordingly. Budle Bay is under no obligation to rectify such an error but will assist at its own discretion. It is at the full discretion of Budle Bay on whether you are moved to an alternative pitch and this is subject to availability. Should an alternate pitch be a higher price, you will be required to pay the surcharge at the beginning of your stay prior to taking the pitch.
  • No refunds will be given if you have booked the wrong pitch for your needs.